PHC Industries, Inc. carries a broad line of Motors and Controls, and we specialize in providing solutions for a wide variety of applications. PHC is always on the forefront of new motor and control technologies.

Baldor Motors and Drives. Manufacturers of AC, DC and Servo motors and controls.

SIEI. Produces AC Vector and Servo drives, Brushless Servo Motors, DC drives and Tachometers and Encoders.
Danaher Controls. Produce Counters, Timers, Encoders and Panel Meters, under the names of: Veeder-Root, Dynapar and Eagle  Signal.

KB Electronics, Inc. Manufacturers of variable speed AC and DC motor controls and accessories.
Powertec Industrial Motors. Manufacturer of Brushless DC motors and Controls.
Yaskawa. A leader in the field of adjustable frequency drives, with over 50 years of experience.
WEG. Manufacturers of AC motors and variable frequency drives.

Benshaw. Manufacturers of reduced voltage starters and adjustable frequency drives.

Contrex. Manufacturers of motion control products for AC, Dc and Servo applications.